WineRewards Best Practices

Start with the Basics

Start with touchpoints that will help you meet your goals. That could be gather customer information when they visit your winery or promoting upcoming events using text messages. If you do not have your customers phone numbers get them to sign up for WineRewards and you'll have them. It’s just a better way to communicate.

Planning You Rewards Campaign

With some may ways to stay connected careful planning on leveraging WineRewards will pay off. If your goal is to acquire new customers include WineRewards in your normal advertising channels. Or think about partnering with another winery that offers wine rewards and referral partners. Be creative!

Segment Your Customers

It's important to segment your customers. Today most wineries have a list of Wine Club and non Wine Club members. With WineRewards you can tag your customers in more specific groups like: those who respond to a text message with a reward and those that don’t. There is no point in continuing to reward a customer to stay in torch who does not respond to rewards. Don’t stop communicating with them just communicate in a different way.

Keep in Touch

Staying connected keeps you on the minds of your customers. Sending a simple personal text message will do that, "Hi from ABC Winery were looking forward to seeing you this year" Give it a try the response will be positive.

Find Referral Wineries

Referrals are always good, in a competitive market it makes sense to partner with other wineries who participate in WineRewards creating a referral network rather than letting the consumer try to figure out where to go.

Know When to Reward

WineRewards gives you the option to send a text message with or without a reward. Generally if you send a text message with a reward and receive a response from a customer you may not always respond back with a reward. If it’s a long term Wine Club member you may want to. Use your best judgement.

Keep it Personal

Who doesn't like to get a Happy Birthday wish. WineRewards has a feature to track and automatically wish your customers a Happy Birthday.

Track Your Results

Running a WineRewards campaign will give you data needed to make better decisions. You will have a better idea how many people visit your tasting room and how well your staff is doing in promoting your wines.

Train Your Staff

Tell your staff why WineRewards are important to your business will go a long way in promoting your rewards program.