Customer Rewards

Promote an Upcoming Event

Texting is the new norm, sending a text with a reward creates a read, react and respond response. Use simple text messages as reminders of events, drive traffic to your web site to learn about upcoming events or encourage customers to join your Wine Club. Your messages should be simple and to the point. You decide how many WineRewards to add. It’s a simple and effective way to get traffic to your events.

Get Your Customers Friends And Family

If you don't ask you wont get it. For some, asking for the contact information of friends is a no, others are more than willing especially when they receive something for it. As a winery you are a trusted source and rewarding a customer for a referral is pretty common place. It's easy to start a WineRewards campaign encouraging consumers to refer friends, reward them to refer their friends and also reward their friends.

Bringing Them Back To Your Tasting Room

As part of your marketing program WineRewards is used to attract consumers to your winery. Try a campaign offering double the WineRewards on a specific day or time or event. Be creative in your approach and find what works for you. You set the reward amount and the duration of the rewards campaign. The data you collect for people signing in will give you a better more realistic number of visitors and a gauge on the effectiveness of your staff when promoting products.

Growing Your Customer List

On a busy day in the tasting room people come in and people go out, some buy wine and some don't. Wouldn't it be nice to know who came in and follow up with them? With WineRewards you generate a plaque with a QR code place it in your tasting room, visitors scan the QR code opt in and receive a reward. And you get their contact info. It's a win win.

Increase Your Wine Club Membership

Keeping your Wine Club members as members is key. Customers that are willing to join your wine club are loyal to your brand and are the perfect referral partner. Running a campaign giving your Wine Club members a reward and their friend a reward when they join is just smart marketing.

Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

Leveraging the text feature with or without a reward and a simple targeted message will drive traffic to your online store ultimately increasing your direct sales. Text messages have an open rate of 98% and used correctly will generate the traffic you need to increase your online sales.

Win Back Customers

Keeping in touch is the key. If you are no longer hearing from some customers reach out and re-engage them. It could be a simple message to say hi and encourage them to watch a video of your winery. Be creative WineRewards gives you many ways to stay in touch and re-engage with your customers.

Bring Your Competitors Customers To You

Unlike coupons or reward points earned at Starbucks, WineRewards can be earned from more than one winery. One way to encourage you competitors customers to buy from you is to redeem their WineRewards at your point of sale. Be creative in how you market this and they will come.

Get Their Feedback

Getting your customers feedback is invaluable but not always easy. Feedback can be used as a way for customers to rate your wine or their last visit to your winery. Using WineRewards you can create a survey and entice your customers with a reward to take the survey. Results can be used to report wine ratings, improve tasting room service or communications.

Give A Reward On A Bottle of Wine

Most people like surprises and adding a bottle of wine in a case with a QR code that when scanned comes with a reward is just fun. The reward can be for a set or a random amount. You set the amount and the duration of the reward.