Drive Traffic to Your Next Event:

Send a short personalized text with a WineReward to 1,000 customers notifying them of an upcoming event cost $42.00

With an open rate of 98% and a reward, chances are they will read it

Now you have the contact information of 100 new customers

Give Them Something for Signing-up

Reward your tasting room customers for signing-up. 100 customers earn 100 WineRewards each costs $1.67 per person.

WildCard Wine:

A QR code is added to one bottle of wine in a case, when scanned it comes with 300 WineRewards and costs $5.00 a case.

Creates a new level of excitement and entertainment bring customers back for more.

WineRewards are sold 3 for $.05, you give them to your consumers and they cash them through us or redeem them at a winery point of sale for online purchases.